Shelf Wobblers From Sunrise Hitek Are the Ultimate POP Display Solution

Point of Purchase displays are a proven way to draw attention to products. Sunrise Hitek offers a wide array of shelf wobblers

Drawing customers to a product can be difficult and expensive. Retailers and marketers are always looking for effective display solutions. POP displays are a tried and true method to draw attention to a product. Shelf wobblers are the perfect POP piece in that they can easily be affixed directly above or below the product, are easy to install, and are not particularly costly.

Sunrise can re-create virtually any eye-catching shape or brand icon to drive branding message home, and with the right colors, imagery and wording, sure to capture the attention of passers-by.

Patricia Elliott, Marketing, Sunrise Hitek

A highly effective marketing approach, shelf wobblers help customers make the right decision with easily accessible in store displays at their fingertips. According to Red’s Marketing Tips, in order to be effective, POP displays need to be “...the right size and format (in proportion to the location in which they are to be used,  fit the decor and design of the shop in which they are to be placed, be 'user friendly' easy to install.” Click here for full article. Sunrise Hitek’s shelf wobblers are all of these things.

Shelf wobblers are a seriously smart way to promote any business. They can be placed virtually anywhere and are particularly useful near counters and displays where customers are likely to stop and browse. They can be used to sell special offers, gift vouchers and new products.

Sunrise Hitek’s shelf wobblers are 100% customizable. Customers can choose from paper cover, rigid vinyl, or styrene material as well as full color printing one side or both sides. Gloss, dull, or dome UV coating is also available for added durability.  Intricate shapes are a Sunrise specialty – wobblers are cut with CNC blade or laser, which eliminates the need for a costly die, keeping cutting costs down and turnarounds quick.

About Sunrise Hitek Group, LLC.

Sunrise Hitek is an Inc. 5000 company established in 1988 and employs the most advanced equipment and technology, such as G7-certified HP Indigo and UV flatbed presses, laser engraving, and digital die-cutting, to create best-in-class color printing, short-run packaging, P.O.P. retail displays, and signage products. A privately-owned enterprise, the company is based in Chicago and sells products worldwide.

Source: Sunrise Hitek Group, LLC


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