Business Leather Portfolio is a Must-Have for Salespeople

​​​Sunrise Hitek’s Business Leather Portfolio is the perfect tool for salespeople on the go. Abundant storage keeps everything organized and ready for an impromptu sales pitch

Making a sale can be difficult. Many things can go wrong or an opportunity can be missed. Having all the materials needed organized and at ones immediate disposal can be the thing that enables the closure of a deal.  Sunrise Hitek’s Business leather Portfolio can bring closing that deal one step closer.

Having all the materials needed organized and at your immediate disposal can be the thing that enables you to close the deal. Sunrise Hitek's Business leather Portfolio can bring you one step closer to closing that deal.

Patti Elliott, Marketing, Sunrise Hitek

According to an article on, it is integral to always be prepared to make a sales pitch. Preparation is a key step in a successful sales call, and one of those components is to have all the necessary materials needed to present. Read full article here: Sunrise Hitek’s business leather portfolio was created with salespeople in mind. With the Business Leather Portfolio, keeping organized and prepared is a breeze. With designated spots for business cards, pens, papers, and of course, a tablet for impromptu PowerPoint presentations, this portfolio is a must-have

The Business Tablet Portfolio offers excellent protection for virtually any tablet computer, plus ample storage for business professionals on the go. It features a unique Universal Corner system which adjust to perfectly fit any size tablet. The case itself is made of high-grade leatherette, offering tough protection for day to day use. An exterior zipper pouch provides easy access for bulky items such as keys and calculators, while the expandable file folder offers plenty of storage for documents, brochures, and catalogs. A micro-fiber divider is sized perfectly for a 8.5"x11" notepad, protects the tablet's screen from scratches.

Visual presentations are key to making a sale. A picture (or video) does speak a thousand words. The 2016 model of the Business Leather Portfolio features a built-in easel-stand which allows easy demonstrations with a tablet, keeping the hands free and also maintaining a polished look The 2016 model also has elastic corners to keep the tablet in place when in or out of use.

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